Exclusive distribution, multi-tier distributors, retailers, wholesalers, resellers or system integrators? Channel design is about building an effective integrated multichannel network that accesses target segments, optimizes customer reach, minimizes channel conflict, and accelerates market penetration and growth. 

Channel partners should be selected based on their ability to access your target segments and customers, financial resources to support market entry and growth, and sales and marketing competencies and learnability to proactively sell your products. 

Partnering is reciprocal, channels seek products that are innovative and salable and provide an equitable return on effort and investment. Moreover they seek partners who are willing to participate and adapt to their unique marketplace needs. 

"We have a well established network across multiple verticals and an exceptional reputation for building dedicated partnerships 

founded on personal trust, respect and integrity." 

We find the best distributors to reach your target customers & sell your products





Diverse industry experience encompassing PPE & Safety; Construction &

Building Materials - Fire Protection, HVAC, Plumbing, Flooring; Specialty

Chemicals - Adhesives, Sealants, Coatings & Fluids; MRO & OEM Industrial;

Consumer DIY, Auto-aftermarket