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The ASEAN region is the most ethnically, religiously and linguistically diverse region on the planet. Moreover the region is hyper-competitive containing most leading multinationals and a myriad of local producers all competing at varying levels of quality and price points.  



The globalisation of technology, connectivity and ease of accessing information has created a marketplace of less differentiated products and more sophisticated and discerning prospects and customers. More importantly - the ASEAN markets are about people and relationships, not just products and price points, and how you and your channel partners market and sell makes the difference between exceptional or mediocre results. 


An effective 6-step selling process I created for ASEAN markets



To succeed in the ASEAN markets companies must develop exceptional salespeople, integrate

the right selling process and CRM technology, and focus on the best growth opportunities 

Determine target customers.png

Target the best opportunities by economic value, ease of entry and probability of success


Decoding ASEAN safety footwear markets &

An effective 5-steps process I created to define the Singapore safety shoe market, later adopted for all ASEAN markets

"The new competitive advantage in ASEAN is developing exceptional sales people and achieving commercial excellence." 

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